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A home is where an individual or group lives in a safe and comfortable surrounding. A home does not mean only a physical dwelling but also a place of refuge and safety. This is an area to forget the worldly worries and concentrate on issues that one loves. Thus, a home also refers to residences that have a home-like ambience like a retirement home, a nursing home, a group home or a foster home. The condition of a home physiologically affects the demeanor, emotions and mental health of the dweller. If the concept of home is improper, it may lead to restlessness and eventually a loss of sanity.

A garden is meant to cultivate, display and enjoy plants and other varieties of nature. This planned space is usually outdoors. The garden may have natural or artificial objects. Zoos contain wild animals in feigned natural habitat. These were earlier called as zoological gardens. Western gardens abound in plants. Zen gardens have sparse plants or an absence of plants. Xeriscape gardens have local native plants that do not need irrigation. A garden may have structures like fountains, ponds, fencing, arbors, statuaries, dry creek begs, waterfalls or creeks. Sometimes the objective of gardening may be for ornamental purpose or sometimes to produce food crops. A garden can be used for relaxing and observation of nature. Various relaxation activities like escaping oppressive sunlight and heat, basking in sunshine, pottering in the shed, maintenance of flowerbeds, reading in the hammock, children playing in the yard and family dinner can be performed in the garden. The natural materials in the garden are soil, rock, light conditions, wind, precipitation and plants. The man-made elements of a garden are terrace, raised beds, lighting, paths, patio, decks, outdoor art, sculpture, and pool and water garden.

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