A tenant is someone who occupies a property on a temporary basis with the permission of the property’s owner. Usually, this is is a commercial arrangement through which the tenant pays the property owner or the property owner’s agent for the right to occupy the property. The tenant can either be a person or a company. As well as paying the rent, the tenant is usually responsible for paying for the cost of services such as water and electricity which are used within the property. The landlord is usually responsible for essential upkeep and maintenance of the property.

Because a home is an essential party of any person’s well-being, there is a rather complex set of laws which goven landlord and tenant relationships. Tenants have legal rights and it is not possible for a landlord to simply eject an unwanted tenant on a whim, for example, or because the tenant is late in paying the rent for one month. Usually, some form of legal process must be gone through before a tenant can be evicted from a property he has occupied. A varierty of tenancy types exists and each accords different sets of rights and responsibilities to the tenant and landlord.

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