Recreation is the utilization of time for therapeutic refreshment of the body and mind. Leisure and recreation are frequently misinterpreted to be the one and the same. Leisure is usually some form of entertainment or rest while recreation tends to involve the participant in an active and refreshing manner. The increasingly sedentary lifestyle that people in the urban regions live has increased the need for recreation. The mushrooming of a large number of so called active vacations has reinforced this fact. The term recreation can encompass quite a lot of things including sports, hobbies, game and tourism. Music, Video games, movies and TV all come under leisure.

The productive nature of recreation has long been a largely debated one. People who tend to indulge in excessive recreational activities often get the tag, escapists. However, studies have shown that recreation can greatly contribute to satisfaction, quality of life, health and fitness. Recreation can also serve as a diversion for people suffering from chronic impairment and other medical conditions. Recreation is an essential activity for the longevity of humans as it is an effective stress buster. According to a research conducted by Time magazine, stress is a vital cause in many cases of death in the United States.

Profit enterprises and local governments can be credited for having transformed recreation into an organized activity. Several US state governments provide staffing and venues for organizing sports, crafts, arts and at-risk-youth activities. Though plagued by controversies, the US government conducts recreation programs for prison inmates. This allows them constructive use of time through music, crafts, and exercise equipment. The private organized recreation sector usually focuses on specific type of sport like cycling, river rafting or mountaineering. Other possible benefits include the reduced healthcare costs and lower rate of heart attacks among health conscious individuals.

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