Algeria is the second largest country of Africa and is officially known as the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria. Algeria shares its boundaries with Libya in the east and Morocco in the west, at the northeast lies Tunisia and Mali in the southwest. Known as an Islamic counter, it is also a member of the African Union, Opec and United Nations, Algeria was invaded by the French the 1830, and since then it was ruled by them until 1954, when the national liberation front launched a independence war. Knowing the situation the newly elected president of Algeria, held a plebiscite which resulted into a struggle for complete independence.

For any businessman who wants to enter the Algerian market, one of the most important things to remember is have a great knowledge of the culture and the traditions of the people. Most of the people speak Arabic while others speak French.

Since the last few years the economic growth of Algeria has been really good. Seeing the growth records of the recent years it is reveled that in 2003 the country attained a growth of 6.7 percent and since then the percentage has been on an increase. Inspite of the social and economic problems and the fluctuating oil market, Algeria has been able to maintain a steady economic growth. The Algerian stock market was created in July 1999, and since then has been showing a good development.

Most of the exports of Algeria compromise of either mined or manufactured products. The agriculture plays a very little role as far as the economy of Algeria is concerned, but it has also been showing considerable improvement. Most of the income of Algeria comes from the exports of natural gases and petroleum. Currently, 90% of the exports made by the country compromises of crude oil.

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