Angola or the Republic of Angola is a country located in the south central Africa. It is bordered by the Republic of Congo on the north, Namibia on the south, Zambia on its east and Atlantic Ocean on its west coast. Angola was once under Portuguese colony however on 11th November 1975 it gained independence from Portugal. At present it is a democratic country which is famous for its resources like diamonds and oil. It is also the second largest oil producers in the Africa continent but still the people of Angola are starving from poverty. Angola was under Portuguese rule since 1482 and they had established their foundation near the Congo River. In the year 1975 as several nationalist parties of Angola began to negotiate for independence an agreement was passed with the Portuguese government. Immediately this agreement was followed and Angola was declared independent.

Republic of Angola is been divided into 18 districts namely Bengo, Bie, Benguela, Cabinda, Cuando Cubango, Cuanza Norte, Cuanza Sul, Huambo, Zaire, Huila, Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul, Luanda, Moxico, Malanje, Uige and Namibe. Angola is been segregated into a wet highland, an arid coastal strip and the rain forest. The wet highland strip stretches form the dry savanna in the interior south to south east where as the coastal strip stretches from Luanda to Namibia. The rain forest is Cabinda the northern part of the country. The official language of Angola is Portuguese however some of the ethnic groups in Angola speak Bantu language and their main religion is Christianity. Angola has plentiful of natural resources as oil industry is the major source. One third of the population of Angola survives on agriculture.

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