Benin or the Republic of Benin is a country located in the west of Africa with Togo on its west, Nigeria to its east, Niger and Burkina Faso on its north and Bight of Benin on its south. Porto Novo is the capital state of Benin where as Cotonou being the base for government of Benin. Benin was formerly known as Dahomey but in 1975 it was changed to Peoples Republic of Benin. Benin was under the rule of France since 1892. On 1st of August 1960 Dahomey or Benin gained independence from the French rule. Later in the year 1975 the Marxist government named this country as Benin or the Republic of Benin.

This country is been divided into twelve districts which are Zou, Plateau, Mono, Alibori, Atakora, Oueme, Littoral, Atlantique, Dongo, Kouffo, Collines and Borgou. There are about 42 ethnic groups in Benin out of which only four are the major groups namely Fon, Voltaic, Fulani and Yoruba. Among them Fon is the largest single ethnic group in Benin and their main language is Fon. About 25 percent of people are Muslims where as 43 percent are Christians mainly Roman Catholic and remaining are of indigenous beliefs.

Major occupation in Benin is farming as the whole economy of Benin is tremendously depended on agriculture. Main crops in Benin are peanuts, cashew nuts, beans, yams, corn, cotton, palm oil and cassava. Few people of Benin are engaged in raising sheep, pigs and goats. The countries mineral resources include mainly Petroleum, iron ore, titanium, chromite and ilmenite. Benin also imports several products from other countries which include capital goods, petroleum products and foodstuffs. A part from those, Benins main exports include textiles, seafood, shea butter and palm products.

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