Located in South Africa, it is officially known as the Republic of Botswana. Bordered in the west by Namibia and by Zimbabwe in the northeast, the economy of the country is mainly dominated by the primary or the mining sector. The service sector, construction and the manufacturing sector along with the agriculture sector come at the last. The country is democratic and is regarded as one of the most stable one in Africa. The politic scenario of the country is pretty good as it follows a democratic form of government. The president of the country is the head of the government as well is the head of the state. The legislative powers are vested in the hands of the parliament along with the government and the executive powers are only in the hands of the government.

The economy of the country has been experiencing a boom since the last 30 years. The country is a member of the various international associations like United Nations, African Union and the Commonwealth of Nations. The country has very good trade relations with South Africa and has developed SADC (southern African Development Community) as a tool for development.

Since independence, Botswana is the fastest growing economy of the world. As far as the GDP is concerned Botswana has transformed itself from a poor country to a country in the upper-middle income country of the world. Botswana is the member of SACU, Southern African Customs Union, as the major exports of the country compromiser of diamonds. The state named Jwaneng is the world richest and the largest producer of diamonds. With abundant natural resources the major part of the exports comes from mining these resources.

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