The Cameroon Republic is located western and central part of the African continent and it is a unitary republic. Cameroon shares its different borders with the other nations of the continent; it shares its western border with Nigeria, Chad is to its northeast, the eastern border is shared with the Central African Republic, and the Southern border of the Republic is shared with nations such as Gabon and Congo. The geographical and the cultural variety found here makes Cameroon Africa in Miniature. The official languages of the Republic of Cameroon are English and French but there are also 250 local languages spoken by the 200 ethnic groups of Cameroon. The sheer variety of the ethnic groups in Cameroon makes it a colorful country and a great attraction for researchers and other foreign visitors. The capital city of the Republic of Cameroon is Yaound and the Republic enjoys a relatively stable political condition as compared with other African nations. The name of the Republic of Cameroon is Portuguese in origin and comes from the Portuguese Rio dos Camares, meaning River of Prawns. The ten provinces with their appointed governors constitute the Republic of Cameroon.

The Republic of Cameroon combines all the features of the African continent such as main climatic varieties of Africa, desert, rainforest, the variety of flora and fauna, and the savanna. Mount Cameroon is the highest peak of the nation that stands 4,095 meters tall. The variety of the ethnic groups and their cultures make Cameroon a colorful nation. Celebrations are performed on occasions such as harvests, births, plantings, and deaths. Muslim as well as Christian festivals are celebrated in the nation but the main attraction here is dance and music.

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