Cape Verde

Cape Verde or Republic of Cape Verde is an island located in the ecoregion of Atlantic Ocean which is on the west coast of Africa. The archipelago is inclusive of 5 islets and 10 islands which are divided into two groups namely Sotavento and Barlavento. Santo Antao, Sal, Sao Vicente, Santa Luzia, Sao Nicolau and Boa Vista are the islands in the Barlavento group where as Maio, Fogo, Brava and Santiago are the islands in the Sotavento group. Cape Verde was under the conquest of Portuguese since the year 1462. For several years Portuguese ruled this island and in the year 1972 despite of the Portuguese presence the PAIGC controlled maximum area of Portuguese Guinea. In the year 1974 the PAIGC became an active political movement in the island. On 5th of July 1975 Cape Verde received independence from Portugal.

Cape Verde is been divided into 22 provinces which are Paul, Porto Novo and Ribeira Grande in Santa Antao, Ribeira Brava and Tarrafal de Sao Nicolau in Sao Nicolau, Sao Vicente, Sal, Boa Vista, Maio, Sao Filipe, Santa Catarina and Mosteiros in Fogo, Brava, Praia, Ribeira Grande, Santa Catarina, Santa Cruz, Sao Domingos, Sao Lourenco dos Orgaos, Sao Miguel, Sao Salvador do Mundo and Tarrafal in Santiago. The official language of Cape Verde is Portuguese but few of the origins still speak Creole. Majority of the people in Cape Verde follow Christianity however there are small number of Muslims, Buddhist and Bahai groups in the region. Cape Verde has natural resources such as fish, salt, limestone, basalt rock, clay, kaolin and gypsum. Its major cultivation depends on sweet potatoes, peanuts, coffee, sugarcane, corn, bananas, beans and fish. Cape Verde is most famous for its music called Morna which is a form of folk music. Instruments like guitar, violin, cavaquinho and clarinet are used to play this form of music.

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