Central African Republic

Central Africa Republic is a landlocked country that lies in the very heart of equatorial Africa. The nation gained its independence in the year 1960 and today it is renowned for diamonds that are its rich natural resources, which account for most of the countries export earnings. Being a landlocked country it is bordered by Cameroon on the west, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Republic of Congo on the south, Sudan on the east and Chad on the north. The nation is divided into 14 administrative prefectures, 2 economic prefectures and a autonomous commune apart from several rivers in the nation. They are further broken down into 71 sub prefectures. City of Bangui is the capital of the nation as the other major cities are Bourar and Bambari. The estimate population of the nation was calculated around 308 million till 2001 and among which the literacy was around 60 percent.

Most of the people in Central Africa Republic speak the official French language apart from Sangho language. The religion followed my most people is Christianity along with Islam and Tribal beliefs. The nation also houses various ethnic groups like Banda, Baya, Mandjia and MBaka. Around half the population of the country resides in the villages and follow the traditions and customs of village and a few follow the religious traditions.

The primary base of economy for the country is through agriculture apart from mineral resources that are undeveloped. Most of the people in the country employ themselves by fishing, farming and working in forestry. Apart from diamond that is most exploited mineral other mines are uranium as well as iron ore and gold. The basic source of revenue for the country is diamond, tabacco, coffee and timber that are exported to various countries.

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