Comoros is an island nation located off the coast of eastern Africa. The country is consists of four island, Ngazidja, Mwali, Nzwani and Mahore. Mahore however is never administered by the Union Government of Comoros as it was the only island in the archipelago that voted against the independence from France. The country spans an area of 2,235 sq kms which makes it the third smallest African nation in terms of area. The country features a population estimated at 798,000.

The natives are of primarily African-Arab origins and follow the Arab culture. Islam is the main religion of the people .Christianity is followed by a minority in Mayotte. The resident dialect includes French, Arabic, Malagasy, Latin and Shikomor. The culture is a mystical concoction contributed by the traders from Arab regions, immigrants from Malay and the African natives. The music of the region is heavily influenced by melodies from East Africa, Madagascar, Middle East and even South India. The instruments used are drums, gongs, tambourines, zithers, oboes, rattles and five stringed lutes.

In spite of being among the poorest countries in the world, Comoro is steadily clawing its way up the economy ladder. The economy is driven by agriculture, fishing, hunting, and forestry. The agriculture industry contributes about 40% of the GDP, the major portion of which is exported. The place is famed for its extensive production of Vanilla, perfumes essence, cloves and ylang-ylang. The government is making an intense effort to improve education, technical training of the younger generation. The health services, tourism industry and population growth rate are all seeing an upward climb due to the multi pronged efforts of the government.

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