Egypt, officially known as Republic of Egypt, is located in North Africa (in the heart of Middle East). Egypt covers an area about 1,001,450 Sq. Km and it is one of the most densely populated countries in North America. Majority of the population lives around and near the shore of river Nile, which is only an area suitable for agriculture. The world largest desert, Sahara, covers large area in Egypt. Egypt is one of the countries, which is famous for its monuments and ancient civilization. Dome of the most popular monuments like the Great Sphinx and Giza pyramid complex are situated here. In southern part, city Luxor contains large number of artifacts and temples like Karnak temple and Valley of the Kings. Today, this country is widely recognized as an indispensable business, cultural and political center. Egypt is predominated by Muslims population and their religion is the important part in their lives. Prayers rolling call, which can be heard five times a day gives informal effect to regulate the pace of entertainment, culture and business. Nearly 10 to 20 % represents Christian population, in whish 95 % belongs to native Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria.

For business point of view, Egypt is one of the most important countries for investing and making money. Apart from the standard business, internet or high speed business also growing rapidly in Egypt. There are many firms and companies evolving day by day which are willing to establish new business and seek potential collaborations. Today, many countries are also willing to associate and interested to increase there business with Egypt. There are many examples for towing above statement, for instance, USA is one of the largest business bilateral partner associated with Egypt.

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