Eritrea was the part of the Ethiopia until it separated in 8th century. Large areas of Eritrea are covered with mountainous region. National name of Eritrea is Hagere Ertra and is located in northern East Africa. The country of Eritrea is divided into six zobas (regions) and also sub-divided into sub-zobas or districts in order provide better administration and control over business and economy. In 1993, after independence, new National Assembly of 150 seats was formed who elected current president of Eritrea, Mr. Isaias Afewerki. There are two main languages, Semintic and Cushitic, which are widely being spoken in the country. Many other languages were derived from these two main languages. There are nearly 824 schools and 2 universities which are providing education ranges from primary, secondary to high level.

Economy of the country mainly depend on agriculture, with nearly 80 percent of the population involve in herding and farming. There are only some natural disasters which can affect the economy generated under agriculture head. In 1999, its GDP fells and decreased by nearly 8 % in 2000. This was the direct consequences of war between Ethiopian and Eritean. After war, country has made a vow to re-establish its economy without taking and help to other nations. Today, it is one of the countries, which have potential in the field of business, investment and economy. The future of the economy is depending upon its capability to master fundamental or some basic problems like low skills and illiteracy.

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