Ethiopia is located in the Horn of Africa and bordered by Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti and Somalia. It is one of the most densely populated country and second in Africa. After defeating Italy in the Battle of Adwa, colonization had taken place in Ethiopia. Recently Ethiopia has become a junction for many international co-operations. Ethiopia is one of the members in the League of Nation (LON) and United Nations (UN). Ethiopia has an effective political system which is completely based on federal parliamentary republic, in which prime minister is considered as the head. Ethiopian population constitutes 61 % Christians, 33 % Muslims and 5 % other religion group. Ethiopian cuisine consists both vegetable and meat dishes. But traditional Ethiopian cuisine not consisting of pork and shellfish as these are forbidden in the Jewish, Islamic and orthodox Christian religions.

Financial institutions, agriculture sector and urban rental property contribute largely to its economy. In 1993, gradual and slow privatization in the industry, agriculture, business, trade, commerce and banking sectors boost the economical status of the country. Still it is a semi-privatized country, which had gained loads of potential in foreign investments and trading. 41 percent of the gross domestic product accounts by agriculture of the country. Coffee, oilseed, potatoes, sugarcane, vegetables, cereal and pulses are the principle crops constitute agricultural export. Apart from the export of agricultural products, Ethiopia also exports some other commodities like leather products and gold. Ethiopia would become one of the top giant exporters in the coming years.

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