Gabon or reorganized as Gabonese Republic, is a country located in west central Africa. Gabon is one of the most affluent countries because it has low population, transparent election system and loads of potential natural resources. Many foreign private companies are interested to put their investment in Gabon. In fact, large foreign investments from the private companies helped a lot to make this country more prosperous. The current president, El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba, when came into power in 1967, made specific changes in the constitution which was essential for the growth of business. In 1991, country had revised its constitution and made certain amendments in order to enhance its economy and business. As a result of this, today Gabons per capital income is nearly four times the average per capital income for Sub-Saharan Africa. Oil and hydrocarbons production in Gabon contributes major part to its economy. Today Gabon is one the members of United Nation and other international agencies like World Bank, Central African Custom Union, Communaute Financiere African, Organization of African Unity (OUA) and World Bank.

There are many potential investors looking to invest in Gabon not because of its rich hydrocarbon resources but also has amicable laws and regulations which hikes profits. Business is growing rapidly in this country. Many large and small firms fledge their wings not only in national but also in international market. Electronic business or E-business revolution gives major impact to the economy and business in Gabon. This super fast technology enhances the growth of the industries by establishing new level of collaboration.

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