Gambia is officially known as the Republic of The Gambia, situated in Western Africa. Gambia is the smallest country of Africa, surrounded by Senegal, Atlantic Ocean and Africa. Gambia had gained its independence in 1965 from United Kingdom. After independence, there are many governmental and non governmental organizations involved to enhance the economical and social stature of the country. These organizations not only help to develop country but also bring Gambias business at global level.

Today, there are many organizations which are categorized in regional, local, national and international serve Gambia to raise its economical level. For example, Gambia Expansion Corporation, founded in 1985, is a type of foreign trade company which helps Gambia to expand its core business at international market. Gambia Chamber of Commerce and industry is a corporation which provides all the essential information related to trade, business and industries. International Trade Administration (ITA) provides support to local industries in order to grow their business at international level. Jammeh Foundation for Peace is an independent non-political organization, which works in the collaboration with private sectors, regional organizations, government agencies and international organizations. The World Bank Group which constitutes five organizations provides sufficient statistical data and text documents related to business and economy. These five organizations are - International Finance Corporation (IFC), International Center for settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), International Development Association (IDA), Multi- Lateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGE) and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD). Now, Gambia is in the race to expending its business globally.

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