Ghana is a country, located in West Africa and bordered with Togo, Gulf of Guinea, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso. A literal meaning of Ghana is Warrior king. In 1957, Ghana had achieved its independence from the United Kingdom. The name Ghana represents the ancient Empire of Ghana. In order to better control over each part the Ghana, government divided Ghana into 10 regions and further sub-divided into138 districts. There are about 100 languages which are being spoken in the country but all teaching is done in Ghanas official language and English.

Ghana has only 16 % arable land which is potent to produce rice, cocoa, coffee, corns, bananas, shea nuts, cassava, peanuts and timber. 60 % of the labor force engaged in agriculture, 15 % in industries and 25 % in services. There are many industries like aluminum smelting, lumbering, food processing, light manufacturing, cement, mining, small commercial ship building and many other industries located in Ghana. Ghana have rich natural resources like gold, industrial diamonds, fish, bauxite, manganese, silver, sail, lime stone, petroleum, rubber and timber.

Cocoa, timber, gold, aluminum, manganese ore, diamonds and silver constitute $ 2.911 billion dollar export in the year of 2005. Because of it has tremendous potential in natural resources for export, many countries are willing to associate with Ghana. Few countries like USA, UK, Belgium, Japan, Germany, China, Nigeria and Japan are the major trading partners. In July 2007, Ghana had introduced new currency called Ghana Cedi (GH).

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