Guinea is a small country in West Africa that is divided into four distinct regions. The lower Guinea is moist and coastal whereas upper guinea is mostly savannah, Fouta Djallon region that has a cooler and hilly surrounding and the forest region. This beautiful country of West Africa is surrounded by small countries like Senegal, Mali, Cote dlvoire, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Guinea has starting emerging when Susu migrated to this place for settlement since 900 AD. Guinea was strongly influenced by the Fulani Empire during 16th to 19th century. Guinea became an independent state with Sekou Toure on 2nd of October 1958.

Guinea is spread around in a total area of approximately 245,861 with a population of 9,947,814. A major part of population follows Muslim religion (about 85% of total population). There are three main tribes in Guinea viz. Fulani, Malinke and Soussou. Spanish and French are the two official languages of the country but tribal languages are commonly used for communication. Agriculture is the main source of income for majority of population cultivating rice, millet and various cash crops like coffee, peanuts, tobacco, bananas, citrus and pineapples.

Guinea has developed itself with the discovery and tapping of oil reserves in its surroundings. Cocoa production is one of the major industries of Guinea. Forestry, farming and fishing have a wide scope in various parts of Guinea country. The country is also rich in petroleum, manufactured goods and equipments, timber and cocoa. Guinea is also rich in natural resources like bauxite, gold, uranium, diamonds and iron ore. Due to all these useful resources, Guinea has a good trading partnerships with countries like Belgium, UK, China and Switzerland.

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