Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast is believed to be in existence since Neolithic age. French was the first to explore the coastal regions of Ivory Coast. The country is greatly influenced by the Ashanti Kingdom. During the 18th century, the country was invaded by two Ghana groups namely Akan and the Agnis groups occupying the southeast region and the Baoules. The days of independence of Ivory Coast came in the month of December 1958 where the country became an autonomous republic within the French community.

Ivory Coast is situated on the West African coast near the gulf of Guinea. It is completely surrounded by gulf of Guinea in the southern part, Ghana on the east, Burkina Faso on the north and guinea and Liberia on the west. Ivory Coast is spread in a total area of 124,502 sq.mi with a population of approximately 17,654. Ivory Coast holds people from over 60 different ethnic groups. The Official language of the nation remains French and many African dialects are spoken by the population.

Agriculture is the main source of income to the majority of population. The fertile land of Ivory Coast grows crops like coffee, sugar, cotton, rubber, cocoa beans and corn. Ivory Coast is also rich in natural resources like petroleum, bauxite, copper, iron ore and diamonds. After the independence, the country has been constantly growing in various important industries. Today, Ivory Coast is a well-established place for industries like beverages, wood products, automobile assembly, oil refining, textiles and fertilizers.

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