Kenya is believed to be in existence since Mesozoic era that prevailed over 200 millions years ago. Cushitic speaking people were the first to start settling in Kenya who moved from Northern Africa in 2000 BC. During the 1st century AD, this place was constantly visited by Arab traders. The Portuguese explored Kenya during 1498 and set up a colonial rule in the early years of 16th century. Kenya became independent on 12th December 1963.

Kenya is spread around in a area of approximately 582,650 with a population of over 32 million. It is situated at the eastern part of Africa surrounded by Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. Kenya is a home for multiple religions that include Protestant, Roman Catholic, Muslim and indigenous beliefs. Kenya is influenced by more than 70 tribal groups. Mount Kenya is the largest mountain in Kenya that stands tall with 5,199 meters in height. English and Kiswahili are the official languages of Kenya and there are numerous indigenous languages spoken in general.

Kenya showed a rapid economic growth after its independence. Agricultural productions, industrial investment and public investment were the pillars of Kenyas economy. Majority of population is engaged in farming cultivating crops like coffee, tea, corn, wheat, cashew nuts and sugar. The nation also produces diary goods, poultry and eggs. Kenya is also a home for natural resources like soda ash, salt, fluorospar, gold and titanium. The nation is also involved in producing manufacturing goods like plastic, furniture, textile and leather goods. Industries like petroleum, processed food, cement and metal products have been flourishing in different parts of Kenya.

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