Lesotho is believed to be in existence since million years. Bantu speaking people invaded the land of Lesotho for settling themselves. Moshoeshoe I ruled Lesotho during 1823-1870 by uniting various Basotho groups. In 1868, Lesotho was handed over to the British to protect the people of Lesotho. The nation was treated as a independent country on 4th October 1966 with King Moshoeshoe II as sovereign.

Lesotho is also known as the Mountain Kingdom and is completely surrounded by the Republic of South Africa. Lesotho holds a population of 2,012649 distributed in an area of approximately 30,350 sq.km. English and Sesotho are the official languages of Lesotho and Zulu and Xhosa are the commonly used languages by the mass. Most of the population of the country is the followers of Christian religion. Lesotho is entirely distributed into various ethnic groups like Basotho, Nguni, San, Griqua and others.

Agriculture is the major occupation for the mass of the nation. Forestry and fishing are the two major sources of income for the rest of the population. The farmers are engaged in cultivating various crops like corn, sorghum, barley, pulses and wheat. Lesotho also is developing itself in well known industries like food, beverages, handicrafts, construction and tourism. The nation produces abundant natural resources like sand, clay, building stone and diamonds. They are also leaders in manufacturing goods like cloths, footwear and road vehicles. Being a source of abundant natural resources, Lesotho has a trading partnership with nations like US, India, China, UK and Canada.

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