Liberia was first invaded by the Portuguese due to its abundance of grains of Malegueta pepper in mid 15th century. In the 15th century, the British set up their colonies for the same reason and were destroyed by the Dutch. Later, the people of Liberia were used as slaves by the United States. Finally, in 1847, Liberia was declared as the Africas first independent republic under the constitution that was modeled by US.

Liberia is situated at the western part of Africa bordered by North Atlantic Ocean, Sierra Leone and Cote dIvoire. The nation is spread in a total area of approximately 111,370 land and 96,320 Water bodies. Liberia has a total population of approximately 3,193,942 with English as the official language. Liberia also constitutes various ethnic groups like bassa, gio, kpelle and kru. Most of the population believes in indigenous beliefs followed by Muslim, Christian, Roman Catholic and Protestants.

Liberias economy is greatly destroyed due to the presence of civil war and government mismanagement. The climatic conditions of the nation are favorable for farming purpose. Liberia is a leader in producing basic forest products like raw timber and rubber. Liberia is also rich in producing natural as well as mineral resources. Agriculture products like rubber, coffee, cocoa, palm oil, sugarcane and rice are cultivated in a huge amount. Rubber, timber, iron and diamonds of Liberia are in great demand by the various part of the world. Due to all such reasons, Liberia has been a worthy trading partners for countries like Japan, Singapore, Germany and South Korea.

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