Libya become an independent country on 24th of December, 1951 from Italy which is in the northern coast of Africa between Algeria and Tunisia on the west and east is covered by Egypt. The country is one sixth larger Alaska and the greater part lies in Sahara. The major cities in Libya are Az Zawiyah, Misratah, Tobruk, Tripoli and Benghazi. Tripoli or Tarabulus is the capital of Libya and the citizens are basically known as Libyans. Libya had a population of 5.75 million till 2005 and the growth rate is 2.4 percent. The country of Libya is almost only desert as the coastal areas of Libya are also quite dry. There are only a few forest areas that have a few small lakes. One of the most important natural resources of Libya is Oil and natural gas reserves. These resources dominate the countries economy. The country had the highest oil reserves in 2005 that was estimated nearly 39 billion barrels and the natural gas reserve was 52 trillion cubic feet. Some of the other resources are gypsum, marine salt, limestone, natron (sodium carbonate) and Potash.

Virtually most of the Libyans are Muslims that belong to Sunni community. Ibadi community also makes up a good sum of population in Libya. About half the population of Libya are Roman Catholics. Education system in Libya is at an average quality. The education in Libya is free for all and is made obligatory until secondary level. There are four major universities that have nearly 50,000 students. Libya has a sufficient source of fishing and agriculture as they are the prominent resources of the country.

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