The Republic of Malawi was earlier called as Nyasaland and then steadily the name Malawi was introduced from the word Maravi that was a group of Bantu people of southern Congo. Malawi became an individual nation in the year 1891. The Republic of Malawi is a democratic country that is located in the southern region of African continent. The country being a landlocked nation it shares borders with Mozambique in the southern, western and eastern regions, Tanzania in the northern region and Zambia in the north western region. The nation is divided into three main regions the northern region, central region and southern region. These are further broken down into twenty seven districts and further divided into 137 traditional authorities. The capital of Malawi is Lilongwe. Most of the citizens in Malawi are Christians comprising of both roman Catholics and Protestants where as a few make up the Muslim community.

The citizens of Malawi make up a population of about 11,600,000 and the country is the place of various ethnic groups, races, various tribes and different castes. Though the official language of Malawi is English the national language of the country is Chichewa. The most popular form of art followed by the people is Batik which is a cloth created by wax. Apart from this other art forms basketwork, hardwood carvings and handicrafts. Due to various ethnic groups Malawi has developed a rich culture. Lake of Stars Festival is the most famous music festival of Malawi held in September.

Malawi being an underdeveloped country the major part of its economy depends on the agricultural sector. The three major agricultural products that play a major role in export business are tea, tobacco and sugar that are produced in the country. The other major produces are maize, sugarcane, pulses and cotton.

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