The Republic of Mali is a non coastal country that is locked in western Africa. In the earlier period Mali was separated by two states called as Senegal and Sudanese Republic. These two nations regained their independence in the year 1960 and they together formed an individual Republic of Mali. The nation being located in the in the western region o African continent it is surrounded by Mauritania and Senegal to the western area, Guinea in the south western region, Cote dIvoire and Burkina Faso in the southern side, Niger in the eastern region and Algeria in the northern region. The Republic of Mali is divided into eight regions and one district. Bamako is the capital city of Mali and most of the citizens of the country make up the Muslim, Christian and traditional African religion. Though the official language spoken is French the other languages are Bambara, Songhai and Arabic.

Citizens in Mali make up a total of 11,716,829 population of the country where as there are also diverse ethnic groups in Mali. Most of the people are various tribes and belong to different casts, races and religions and Mande tribes make up the most of population in Mali. The most popular form of art in the country is talking Drum, Djembe Drum and handmade instruments like Balafon. Apart from this wood carvings, brass carvings, fabric and clothing and wicker baskets are also the other forms of art followed in Mali. The culture in Mali is very rich and diverse due to various tribes and religions. There are famous festivals like harvest festival and festival of various religions followed in Mali.

Most of the people in Mali are either farmers or fishermen as the country totally depends on their labor outcome. Most of the industries in Mali are also based on the farm goods. Cotton is the major source of their export along with pottery.

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