Mayotte or Mahore is an island situated in the Mozambique Channel in Southern Africa. This island was under France along with few other islands of the Group of Comoros Islands. But in the year 1970 Mayotte was separated from the Group of Comoros Islands. This territory was literally known as Mahore during its inclusion with the Comoros Union. This island was been established in the year 1500 and after three years it was invaded by the Portuguese travelers. Later Mayotte was conquered by several rulers of the neighboring countries. But in the year 1843 it came under the French rule and after 131 years of conquest Mayotte gained independence in 1974. However it still remains as the French territory and most of its political framework is carried out in France. And so being under French territory its official language is French however people of Mayotte also speak Swahili or Shimaore, Arabic and Kibushi.

Mayotte is been divided into seventeen communities and among them are Dzaoudzi, Pamandzi, Mamoudzou, Yemeni, Bandrele, Kani-Keli, Boueni, Sada, Chirongui, Ouangani, Chiconi, Tsingoni, Acoua, Mtsangamouji, Mtsamboro, Koungou and Bandraboua. The island of Mayotte bears a tropical climate which is normally hot and humid. During the months of May to November the climate is dry and cool where as during the months of December to April it is monsoon and it rains heavily. Majority of the people in Mayotte are Muslims which is about 97 percent and remaining 3 percent people are mostly Roman Catholics. Most of the people in Mayotte live on fishing, raising livestock and agriculture. Due to the fact that this island does not produce sufficient crop most of the commodities mostly food necessities are imported from France. Thus, this island is generally depended on France for all the required assistance.

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