Kingdom of Morocco lies across the Strait of Gibraltar which is located to the north of Africa. It is bordered with Algeria on its east, Republic of Mauritania on its south and Spain on its north. The people of Morocco are predominately Sunni Muslims of Berber, Arabs and mixed Arab-Berber origins. The official language of Morocco is Arabic but French is also spoken as it is widely taught and serves as the key language of the government and commerce. English language is swiftly becoming the foreign language of choice among the modern generation. The Kingdom of Morocco is been divided into 16 districts namely Chaouia, Doukkala, Fes-Boulemane, Gharb-Chrarda, Greater Casablanca, Guelmim, Laayoune-Boujdour, Marrakech, Meknes, Oriental, Oued Ed Dahab, Souss, Tadla, Tangier, Taza Al Hoceima and Rabat which is the capital of Morocco.

The Kingdom of Morocco bears an extreme climate in the interior regions near the mountainous areas. As the coastal plains of the country are rich it has become the chief backbone for agriculture. Its twelve percent of the area is covered under forests and is generally recognized for wildlife biodiversity. Morocco is also Africas fifth economic power behind Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria and Algeria. It is also among the largest producers and exporters of cannabis as the cannabis are usually processed into hashish. This Arabic country is renowned for its rich civilization and culture. The main cuisine of Morocco is a mixture of Spanish, African, Berber, Portuguese and Mediterranean cuisine. Unlike the Asia countries Morocco uses Spices extensively in their food. In the country of Morocco education is extremely compulsory and it is free.

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