The republic of Mozambique is a country located in the South eastern part of the African continent. It has the Indian Ocean to its east and is surrounded by the countries like Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and South Africa on its various sides. The country is member of the Commonwealth of Nations. The republic of Mozambique is a multi party democracy under its constitution of 1990.

The republic of Mozambique is the worlds 35th largest country with a total territorial area of 309,475 square miles. The country is basically a low laying a plateau that is segmented by 25 sizable rivers which eventually drain into the Indian Ocean. The largest river in the country is the Zambezi.

The north central provinces of the country are the most populated with about 45 percent of the total population living there. Portuguese is the official and most widely spoken language in the country. Various other languages are also quite prominent in the nation.

The country is divided into ten provinces known as Provincias and one capital city, known as Cidade, which has provincial statutes. The provinces are further divided into districts which are again divided into various levels of State administration. The capital city of the nation is Maputo.

New Metical is the official currency of the Republic of Mozambique. The growth rate of the country has increased substantially after the resettlement of war refuges and other successful economic reforms. Event though imports remain greater than the exports by 40% this is a marked improvement from the past. The export sector of the country is looking uphill with the promise of a lot of foreign investors coming into the place.

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