Nigeria is officially called Federal Republic of Nigeria and comprises of 36 states. Nigeria is on the Western part of Africa and has borders with Benin towards the West, Cameroon and Chad towards the East and Niger towards the North. Atlantic Ocean is towards the South of the country. Nigeria is the 9th most populous country in Africa having 135 million people. The country was declared a republic on the 1st of October, 1963 with English being the official language. The GPD of the country is more that $190 billion with a per capita income of $1500.

Nigeria is rich in cultural, literary and religious history. There are several literary figures like Chinua Achibe and Wole Soyinka that have played an important part in the literary history of the country. Nigeria is called the heart if African music as it was Nigerian music stars that developed the palm wine and highlife music that combines traditional rhythms of Brazil, Congo and Cuba. There are a variety of religions like Christianity, Islam and Animism. Each region in the country has a different religion and is a source of conflict among the people. The other religious minority includes Judaism, Hinduism and Chrislam that is a combination of Christianity and Islam.

Due to continuous military rule and mismanagement the economy of the country has faced a downward trend for years even after economic reforms. Petroleum plays an important part in the economy of the country and accounts for 40% of the countrys GDP. However corruption, crumbling infrastructure, civil strife and corruption has led to the declining productivity of the country. Tin and coal are the other major minerals abundant in the country.

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