Réunion is a small Island that is on the eastern part of Madagascar on the Indian Ocean about 130 miles of Mauritius on the South West. Réunion is an administrative part of France and is an integral part of the country. The currency used in this region is Euro, as it is a part of the European Union. Since it is located on the Eastern Time zone as compared to other countries of Europe, Euro was used first in Réunion. The population of the region is 784,000 with a density of 312 persons per square km.

The culture of Réunion is a combination of African, European, Indian, Tamil and Chinese traditions. The most common language spoken is Réunion Creole which is derived from French. The language is now taught in several schools of the region. Food and music of the region is a blend of Indian, Chinese, European and African cultures. The predominant religions in the country are Roman Catholics, Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists.

Farming is the main source of income for the people. The economy of Réunion depends mainly on sugar and tourism. Sugar is the main item for export and tourism is the main source of income for the people. Tourism is vital for sustaining of the economy of the region as income is generated by consumption of services and goods by the tourists. The economy of the region is not that developed and depends upon aid from mainland France. The per capita Purchasing Power Parity earned against Gross Domestic Product of the country is $6,200 from tourism. This is about 20% of the GDP per capita of France.

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