Rwanda officially known as Republic of Rwanda is a small country located in the Great Lakes Region of east-central Africa. The country is land locked in all directions. Uganda, Burundi, democratic republic of Congo and Tanzania are its neighboring countries. The country has the densest populations in the continent of Africa. As the country is a span of fertile and hilly terrain it bears the title Land of a thousand hills.

Rwanda is divided into five provinces and these are then sub divided into thirty districts. The capital of the country is Kigali. Rwanda is located close to the center of Africa and is therefore a tropical country. Due to the high elevation of the nation the climate of the area is temperate. Kinya-rwanda, French, and English are the major languages spoken in the country. The country has a majority of Roman Catholics, followed by Protestants, Islam and other faiths.

The literacy rate of the country as per 2003 estimate is around 70%. 90 percent of the population is still engaged in Agriculture as the country is still a rural unit. The fact that is landlocked with minimal natural resources and scarce industries also do not help its cause. Sixty percent of the population is still supposed to be living under the poverty line and a healthy minority suffers from food insecurity. The country primarily exports coffee and tea, and recently certain minerals have also been started to be exported. Another growing sector in the country is tourism industry. Despite all the efforts by the government of the place the country was identified as Heavily Indebted Poor Country due to its very low GNP.

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