Sao Tome and Principe

Before the Portuguese discovered the islands in the 15th century the Sao Tome and Principe was an uninhabited country. The country is also one on of the smallest nationals in the African continent as the Sao Tome and Principe gained their independence from the Portuguese rule in the year 1975. Sao Tome and Principe is a island nation which is a part of the African continent in the northwestern coast of the continent. The island nation is surrounded by the Gulf of Guinea and the nearest neighboring country is Gabon on the east. The country is divided into two main provinces which are Sao Tome and Principe. These provinces are further divided into one district in Principe and six on Sao Tome. The capital city of the country is Sao Tome and the places to visit are Trinidade, Principe and Ilhue das Rolas.

Most of the population in Sao Tome and Principe is made up by the Roman Catholic community where as there are also other communities like Protestant ad Evangelical. The race of the people is a mix from the original people that existed in the country. The early races of the nation are Mestico, Forros, Angolares, Tongas, Servicais, Europeans and Portugues. The merged culture of the country is called as Sao Tomean Creole. The cultural traits in the country are principally Creole as the Portuguese brought is African slaves to work and sot the country has a complex culture of both the diverse traditions.

The primary resource or Sao Tome and Principe is cultivable land, fishes and hydropower. Apart from the natural resources there are also a few industries that product quality products like fish processing, soap, construction, timber textile and beer. Coffee, palm oil, cacao and copra are the major exports of the country.

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