Sierra Leone

The official Republic of Sierra Leone is the constitutional republic that is located in West Africa. The country is boarded by Liberia on the south and Guinea on the north and the Atlantic Ocean covers the west part of the country. The name Sierra Leone it taken from the Portuguese scripts meaning Loin Mountain. In the 15th century Portuguese discovered the country and later in the 19th century British took over Sierra Leone as one of its colonies. Finally the nation gained freedom from the British in the year 1961 but soon was the victims of civil wars. Until 2002 the country gained complete peace with the help of UN peace keepers. Sierra Leone is country divided into three main provinces and area that are further broken down into twelve districts and Freetown is the capital of Sierra Leone.

Most of the people in Sierra Leone are either Christians or Muslims while there are a few that have indigenous beliefs. Though English is the official language of Sierra Leone there are also other languages spoken like Krio, Tamne, Mende and Limba. There are a total of 16 ethnic groups in the country and among them Mende is the dominant one. The art followed in the country is primarily of the traditional native forms. Dance is the main form of art that is performed every religious ceremony in the country. Culture and traditions are a rich heritage of the country and oral traditions are of most importance.

Though Sierra Leone being a country of rich culture and traditions the fact is that it an economically reduced nation. However the country has a rich resources like diamonds, agricultural products and fishing that are of most importance. Therefore mining diamonds of the major industry in Sierra Leone along with agriculture, fish processing, coffee, and rice. All of the natural resources along with canned food make up the export of the Sierra Leone.

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