Somali, officially known as the Somali Republic and formerly known as the Somali Democratic Republic was formed by the merging of Italian Somaliland in the south with British Somaliland in the north in the year 1960. However this was only the end of colonial division but the peace remained un-replaced as the civil wars and dictatorship continued in the country. The civil war ended in the year 1991 and the Republic of Somaliland left the main country. Somalia nation failed to restore a proper national government after the civil war and still remains without one. The land of Somali is divided into eighteen regions and are again sub divided into districts. The capital of the nation is Mogadishu.

Almost all the citizens in Somalia are Sunni Muslims as Christianity was only followed in the early days and the church run schools were reduced and missionaries were not allowed. The people of Somalia are of undiversified and undiluted races. There are nomads by nature along with Bantus and Somalis. Most of the people speak the same language that is Somali that originated from the Cushitic subgroups. The traditional art followed in Somali is nomadic and tribal. Textile weaving, basketry, woodcarvings and meerschaum making are the art forms of the nation. Apart from this jewellery making is the most creative form of art.

Due to the lack of organized government the natural resources of the country are n a vulnerable position. As a result of this Somalia is mostly dependable on the remittances that are sent by other countries. The chief provisions are gained from the rearing of livestock and cattle. The agricultural products like rice, sesame seeds, beans, sugarcane, bananas, mangos, and coconuts primarily manage the countries economy. Apart from this, forest products like myrrh and frankincense along with hides of animals, charcoal and fish are the significant export product of the country.

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