The Republic of Sudan is the largest country in the African continental that gained its independence from the bondage of United Kingdom and Egypt on 1st of January 1956. The country is located in the Northeastern Africa and the main river body in Sudan is the River Nile. The name of the country in the Arabic language means land of the Blacks but still the country is still entangled in the civil war between the Christians and Animists on one side and Muslims on other. The citizens of Sudan are called as Sudanese. There are a total of twenty six states in the Republic of Sudan which are again broken down to 133 districts. The major cities in Sudan are Port Sudan, Khartoum North, Omdurman, Nyala, Kassala and Al Ubayyid while the capital of Sudan is Khartoum.

There are a number of tribes and African ethnicities that reside in the country and it is often called as little Africa. The Europeans, Arabs and Africans mostly make up the countries population. The religions followed in the country by most of the people are Muslims, Christians and Animists but there is an enormous diversity in ethnicity with the country. The art followed by Sudanese is mostly tribal kind. Carving abstract patterns in wood, making of masks, also making tribal headdresses from textile carvings and wood are some of the well known forms of art in Sudan.

The primary resource of economy in the Republic of Sudan is agriculture produce and crude oil. Most of the agricultural produces of the country are cotton, wheat, sesame, sorghum and groundnuts that have a commercial significance. Most of the produces are exported either as raw material or processed goods. Apart from this other main industries are oil, cement, petroleum refining and automobile assemble that together scrape in revenues for Sudan.

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