Swaziland is situated in the Southern region of Africa. The country is bordered by Mozambique and South Africa. Swaziland has derived its name after the later king, Mswati 1. The country was named after the tribal Swazi and Bantu. Swaziland is divided into four districts of Shiselweni, Manzini, Lubombo, and Hhohho. Population of Swaziland is about 9, 29,718. The climate of Swaziland is pleasant. On September 6, 1968 Swaziland was granted independence. Since then, it is struggling between the monarchies and pro-democracy.

Some of the beautiful artifacts are found in this region belonging to the pre-historic period. Khosian hunter-gatherers were the primitive inhabitants of the region. Swaziland most popular cultural event is the Reed Dance. Incwala and Umhlanga are the two biggest ceremonies celebrated in this country. The folk music of Swaziland is well known. Majority of Swazi follow Christianity.

Swaziland is one of the wealthiest countries in Africa. However, it is one of the poor countries of the world. The ethnic Swazis have become more active while the high level activities are held by the activists. Swazi territory of about 60 % is held by the crown in trust of Swazi nation. As per 2001 reports, GDP of Swaziland marked US$ 1279.4 million. Swaziland houses textile, wood pulp, soft drink, sugar and concentrates industries. Thus, it exports products like soft drinks concentrates, citrus and canned fruit, wood pulp, and sugar and cotton yarn. However, it imports commodities like motor vehicles, machinery, transport equipments, chemicals, petroleum, and foodstuffs. The official currency of Swaziland houses textile, wood pulp, soft drink, sugar and concentrates industries is Lilangeni. It has also adopted an action program on the Elimination of Child Labor.

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