Tanzania is a country located in the eastern region of Africa. This country is beautifully bordered by Uganda and Kenya on the north, Zambia, Mozambique and Malwi on the south, Burundi, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of the Congo on west, and Indian Ocean to the east. Tanzania is named after Tanganyika in the mainland and is named as Zanzibar to its eastern coast. Both, Tanganyika and Zanzibar united to form United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar. Later it was renamed as Republic of Tanganyika. People explored and inhabited in this country two million years back.

Taarab music is a great combo of pre-Islamic Swahili tunes and general Islamic melodies. Tarab culture is a major part of social life of the Tanzanians. Mbaraka Mwinsheshe is the original and the most popular music of Tanzania. The artists have adopted a new style named as Bongo Flava that is a blend of rhythms, sounds, beats and melodies. Some of the artists sing local songs in Swahili, it being the regional language. Thus, music of Tanganyika is very rich.

Economy of Tanganyika is mainly dependant the agriculture sector. Almost half of GDP is contributed by agriculture. The industrial part of Tanganyika is limited to processing of the agricultural products and some light consumer goods. Tanganyika has vast amount of natural resources including deposits of gold. There are some beautiful national parks that are undeveloped. The commercial production of natural gas is from Songo Songo Island. During the early 21st century, Tanzania suffered from draught and the electricity generation was reduced. During 2006, the country suffered from load shedding because of insufficient hydro electric generation. Plans for increasing the coal fueled generation capacity are to be implemented in the coming years that would be seven percent more than the present.

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