Tunisia is officially known as the Tunisian Republic. This country is situated in the Mediterranean coast of North Africa. Among all the nations, Tunisia is the smallest in Atlas Mountain range. Forty percent of the nation is covered by the Sahara desert. It has extremely fertile soil and long coastline as much as 1300 kms. It played an important role in the history as a Phoenician city of Carthage and later as Africa Province. Later it became popular as bread basket of Roman Empire.

Tunisia was earlier inhabited by the Berber tribes. Many people including Romans, Vandals, and Arabs occupied Tunisia over centuries. The Phoenicians settled at the coast. Arabic is the main language spoken here. However, French is dominant language in commercial enterprise, media, and government departments. Less than 1 % of the population is Berber speaking. Not many languages are known by the people living in Tunisia.

Tunisia exports 7 million tones of phosphates every year. The main mines are located at Mt. Mdilla, Metlaoui, Redeyef, and Phillipe Thomas. 8 % of the exports are contributed by phosphate, phosphoric acid, and fertilizers. In future, the industry is planning to produce sulphuric acid and superphosphates. Other mineral reserves include zinc and lead. Agriculture is the basis of economy. It also provides 23 % population with employment. 6 % of the countrys food supply is provided with fishing. The annual catch of fishes is about 95,000 tonnes. The sponge gathering at the coastal ports and oak forests in the north provides with cork and timber. Exotic beaches and various historical sites attract the tourists to Tunisia every year. Tunisia has diverse economy. It is one of the ranked competitive economy of Africa as per the 2007 Global Competitiveness Report.

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