Uganda or more briefly republic of Uganda is a country in Africa surrounded by other African countries. Kenya is on the east of Uganda, Sudan is on the north, Democratic Republic of Congo is on the west while Tanzania is on the south of Uganda. The country got its name after the kingdom of Buganda. 16.7 % of the population in Uganda belongs to the Buganda ethnic group. In the 1830s, traders from Arabian countries landed in Uganda through Indian Ocean. The British travelers and explorers discovered the land in 1860s. Uganda got its independence from United Kingdom in 1962.

The country is a gathering of number of religions. Hence one can see diversified culture in Uganda. Major part of the Ugandan population belongs to Christian religion. Out of the remaining population larger mob belongs to Islam religion, making it Ugandas second highest preferred religion. 0.7 % of the population belongs to other religions such as Hindu and Jew. Eh people here speak Swahili and English languages the most. Uganda is at the front in field of sports.

The economy of Uganda is developing day by day. The place is rich in natural resources such as deposits of cobalt, copper, fertile land and efficient rain fall. The country Uganda is rich in other natural resources such as natural gas and crude oil. Rather these two are major fields in economical growth of Uganda. Coffee is produces on a vast scale here and also exported to other countries. During the years 1990 to 2001 the economy of Uganda was on peak due to foreign investments. These investments changed the face of Uganda in terms of infrastructure, finances for production, incentives for exports and increasing domestic security. As a conclusion Ugandan economy is on growth.

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