Western Sahara

A small territory in northwest Africa is known as Western Sahara. The place is surrounded by Morocco on the north, Mauritania on the south and east, Algeria on the northeast side and on the western side by Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the densely populated regions in the world. It is a dry region mainly consisting of desert land. In the Western Sahara territory, El Aaiun is the largest city and it also holds largest population of this territory. The territory is governed by two kingdoms namely, Morocco kingdom and Polisario Front.

Most of the population in Western Sahara belongs to the Sahrawis community. The people here are mostly nomadic and from tribal ethnic groups. These tribal groups speak Hassaniya and Mauritania languages. These tribal communities house different rituals and customs. The modern population from this territory is under the influence of Spanish and French culture as these two ruled the territory for a longer time. Most of the people follow the Muslim religion.

The Western Sahara is rich in phosphate and fishing culture. The place is deserted on agricultural front due to lack of rainfall. Hence mining and fishing are the major ways of earning here. People in Western Sahara are mainly dependant on cattle herding in a nomadic form. The urban population exports the food and other life essential material from outer countries. Almost all the economic parts, trades and markets are governed by Morocco. The Moroccan government is also encouraging the residents to shift from the Western Sahara territory by offering them control on the prices of basic and essential goods and subsidies. This way the Moroccan government has recently become the largest employer for Western Sahara.

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