Zambia is another country in Africa that is landlocked by other countries. The country is surrounded by Angola on the west, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique on the south, Malawi on the east, Tanzania on the northwest and Congo on the north. The country got its name after the river of Zambezi that flows through the country. One of the fastest developing cities in Zambia is Lusaka. The city is easily accessible from any part of Zambia by air and road. The city is considered as the real Africa due to large national parks rich in wildlife. Other cities in Zambia are not as advanced as Lusaka. But these cities are also trying for a facelift.

The preliminary culture of Zambia belongs to Bantu culture. This was rather the first culture of Zambia. There were a large number tribes living in groups in Zambia. They had distinct cultures, rituals and way of living. During the colonial period, the tribes started gathering together and headed for modern life. The people in Zambia are highly influenced by the European culture. This new urban culture is known as Zambian Culture. One can see the cultural diversities during the Zambian traditional ceremony. The Zambian culture is rich in terms of arts. The arts such as pottery, stools, wooden items, copper stuffs, carvings on ivory, mats, fabrics and traditional music are the special factors in Zambia. The most famous dance style called Rumba is world famous which was originated in Zambia.

Though Zambia was an underdeveloped country for a long time, the modern policies face-lifting the country. Cities like Lusaka are changing their lifestyles by adopting new industrial fields. The historic economy of Zambia was highly dependant on the copper mining industry. Some of the foreign companies are working on the economical development of Zambia. Zambian government is also trying harder for the progress of Zambia. Some of the new fields such as agriculture, gemstone mining, hydro power, tourism and exports of nonmetals are adapted by Zambia for fast growth.

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