Zimbabwe is officially known as the republic of Zimbabwe. It is a landlocked country bordered by South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, and Mozambique. Rivers Zambezi and Limpopo flow on both the sides of Zimbabwe. Majority of the population speaks the native language Shona. However, English is the official language of Zimbabwe. Harare is the capital as well as the largest city of the country. Zimbabwe has a republic government which came into existence in 1979 as Zimbabwe Rhodesia. In 1980 Zimbabwe was declared as an independent country and got its current name government and flag.

There are many different cultures in Zimbabwe which include beliefs and cultures like Shona. The sculptures and carving of Gods or idols of the Shona people are made with finest quality of material. The most popular sport of Zimbabwe is football though Rugby and Cricket also have a huge fan following. Apart from winning medal in the Olympic Games, Zimbabwe has also faired well in the Commonwealth Games. In tennis, Zimbabwe has taken part in the Wimbledon and Davis Cup most remarkably with the Black family. Musicians of Zimbabwe like Thomas Mapfumo, The Bhundu Boys and others have gained international recognition. Barbeque is famous in Zimbabwe, as it is in South Africa.

Agriculture, Tourism and Mineral exports earn the maximum amounts of foreign currency for Zimbabwe. South of Equator, Zimbabwe is the biggest trading partner of South Africa. The mew Zimbabwean dollar was introduced in August 2006 which was equal to a 1000 old dollars of Zimbabwe. In a recent meeting held by the South African Development Committee a call was issued so as to remove the sanctions upon Zimbabwe. This will be a major factor in the economic development of Zimbabwe.

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