The Continent of Antarctica today is the most sensitive area on the earth due to effects of global warming. Climate change and the gradual increase in water levels of the ocean are generally attributed to the melting of snow in this region. Antarctica is a desert of snow and there are no permanent dwellers here except for the research sites set up by different governments. The total area of the continent is about 14.4 million square kilometers and ranks fifth in the largest continent of the world list. The ice covered area of Antarctica is almost 98% and the thickness of the ice cover is about 1.6 kilometers. The elevation of the continent is the highest in the world and there are extreme climatic conditions.

The only living things on the Antarctica are animals and plants that have adopted to the extreme cold conditions. Investigators have not found any evidence that suggests humans dwelt at the place. According to the Antarctic Treaty of 1959, nations cannot carry out their mining, and military activities here so that the sensitive eco-system remains protected. The Antarctic Continent cannot be claimed by any nation and hence there is no government. Lichens, algae, fungi and other such plant species are found in continent besides Penguins, fur seals, blue whales and other sea life. Scientists from 27 nationalities conduct their experiments here in their research stations.

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