Europe is among the seven continents of the earth and is the westernmost peninsula. The continent is bordered by the Artic Ocean to the north, Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Mediterranean Sea to the south and Caucasus Mountains and the black sea to the southeast. In the east the continent of Europe is divided by Asia by a the water divide of the Ural mountains and the Caspian sea. Europe is the sixth largest continent in terms of area that covers an area of 2.0 percent of the earth total surface. Among the 48 countries of the European continent Russia is the largest country in terms of area and population while Vatican is the smallest.

The continent of Europe is the third most populated continent after Asia and Africa with an average population of about 710,000,000 or 11 percent of the worlds total population. There are a number of linguistic groups in the continent. There are a number of languages spoken in the continent like roman languages, Germanic languages, Celtic languages and other languages. Christianity is also makes up a major part of the population in Europe as most of the people in Europe are Roman Catholics, while other religions followed are orthodox Christianity, Protestantism, Islam and other religions.

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