North America

North America is the third largest continent in that is in the northern hemisphere of the Earth. The continent is bordered by the Artic Ocean in the north, the North Atlantic Ocean in the east, the Caribbean sea in the southeast, the North Pacific Ocean in he south and west and South America to the south east of the continent. North America covers about 4.8 percent of the earth surface that is nearly 24,490,000 square kilometers. A number of high and lowlands along with a vast continental coastline cover the continent. Apart from land locked countries in the continent there are also a number of islands in North America.

According to the 2006 census the population of North America was calculated over 514,600,000 and the continent ranks forth in terms of population. The people of North and South America are collectively called as Americans. The most well known language in the North America is English where are Spanish and French are also well spoken in various parts of the continent. Most of the countries of the North America follow a similar culture and sociality where as there are some of countries that follow various cultures. Economically speaking United States and Canada are the most wealthiest nations in the continent.

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