Baker Island

Baker Island is a depopulated atoll that is located towards the northern side of the equator. It is located almost in the centre of Australia and the Hawaii Islands. The Howland Island is considered as its nearest neighbor. The United States wildlife and fish service manages island as a parochial area under the department of the interior of the United States. Baker Island is an unorganized and unincorporated territory of the United States of America. The defense responsibility of the Island rests with the United States. The monomania of Baker Island was taken by the United States in the year 1857.

The climatic conditions of Baker Island are equatorial having constant wind, less rainfall and a strong sunshine. It has a low lying and sandy terrain. Baker Island is a coral island surrounded by narrow fringing reef and an adjured central area. The highest point of Baker Island is eight meters above the level of the sea. The island has no trees and very thin vegetation. Only offshore anchorage is available on Baker Island, as there are no harbors or ports on it. It has a single boat landing space in the centre of the western coastline. Baker Island uses the United States flag and laws wherever applicable.

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