Cook Islands

Cook Islands are the self-governing democratic districts in free alliance with New Zealand. The 15 small islands comprised in this South Pacific Ocean have total territory area of around 240 sq kilometers, but Cook Islands EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) covers nearly around 1.8 million sq kilometers of ocean. The majority of the population centers of Cook Islands are located in the territory region of Rarotonga, where an International Airport has been set up. There is also a large amount of population of Cook Islands, especially in North Island. According to 2006 census, the total population of the Cook Islands was 58,008.

With 90,000 and above visitors traveling to this island since 2006, tourism industry in the islands started flourishing. The legislative members of Cook Islands are not the United Nations members. However, they also participate in UNESCO and WHO. On 11th June, 1980, the U.S signed a contract with New Zealand stating the marine border between the American Samoa and Cook Islands and also, dispensing with its declaration to the islands of Pukapuka, Rakahanga, Penrhyn Island and Manihiki. The popular Rugby Union is the provincial game of Cook Islands along with Rugby league and Football games. Tivaivai is the popular art form of these islands, which is often associated with quilting.

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