Located in the South Pacific Ocean to the east of Vanuatu, and to the south of Tuvalu, and west of Tonga, Fiji is an island country. Fiji inhabits a group of around 322 islands, in which a total of 106 are established land masses and the rest of 522 are desert islands. Around 87% of the gross population of Fiji is estimated in the prime islands of Vanua Levu and Viti Levu. The diplomacy in Fiji is usually conducted in the outline of a parliamentary delegate democratic republic, while the Fijis Prime Minster serves as the chief of the legislative body, the chief of the state is the President, who may be of dual-aligned political party format. Legal proceedings is a self-governing body of both the government and administrative.

By far, Fiji has witnessed a total of four revolutions with one in the extreme 2006, one in 2000, and two in 1987. Fijis armed forces are exercising via both straightly or greatly pressurizing the government bodies. The traditions conducted in Fiji are affluent assortment of home-grown, Chinese, European, and Indian customs. In brief, traditions in Fiji are outlined with several characteristics, which may engross communal polity, customs, attires, food, articrafts, dance, music, and sports.

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