French Polynesia

French Polynesia is an overseas collectivity of the French based in the Pacific Ocean towards the south. It is a collection of various different groups of islands. The most famous among these is the Tahiti. The island groups of the French Polynesia do not have a common history prior to the formation of the French associated states in the year 1889. The Marquesas Islands were the first islands to be adjudicated by the Polynesians in AD 300. The total land area of the French Polynesia is 4,167 square kilometers scattered over an ocean of 2,500,000 square kilometers.

The official language used by the French Polynesia is French, according to the organic law of the 12th of April, 1996. The religion followed by the French Polynesia is Christianity. Among the population of the French Polynesia, 54 percent people belong to the protestant churches while 30 percent are the Roman Catholics. The averagely developed economy mostly depends on tourism, imported goods and the finance available from France. Tourism is very well developed on the islands of the French Polynesia. The agriculture industry provides jobs to the locals on account of the noni fruit that has various medical uses and is found in plenty on these islands.

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