Formally, a country of Guam, Guam is basically an island located in the Western Pacific Ocean. Guam is a systemized un-integrated country of United States. Guams native residents, the Chamorros, were the first explorers who crowded Guam around 6,000 years of ago. Guam is also one of the biggest and southernmost located territories of the Mariana Islands. Currently, Hagatna serves as the capital state for Guam. A huge part of Guams finance is assisted by tourism, which is specially proposed from Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean tourists and a bit from the military bases of United States. The conventional customaries of Chamorro is virtually noticeable in sea routing procedures, dance, special cuisine, songs, and fishing.

The Spanish strategy throughout the colonial democracy (1668-1898) was one of the invasions and adaptation to the Roman Catholicism in Guam, which hugely resulted in steady eradication of the Guams male soldiers along with dislocation of the Chamorro populates from the territory. On the political forefront, Guam is ruled by a prevalently opted governor and an authorized derivational house of the legislative body of 15 elected representatives. Further, Guam elects a single non-electing representative to the United States House of Representatives. Populates of Guam voted in a straw poll for their desired potential candidate for the post of U.S president, but it wasnt counted towards the common presidential election outcomes.

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